What GPT-4 Can Really Do

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GPT-4 is the latest model, and it comes with two remarkable improvements. Not only can it ace the bar exam, a feat its predecessor couldn't achieve, but it can also analyze images. This newfound ability has real-world applications, from helping visually impaired individuals to aiding language learning on platforms like Duolingo.

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GPT-4 is here and here are two ways that it's so much crazier than the last version that we all freaked out about. Watch the segment

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This is a list of simulated exams that they gave this new AI... look at these results! It can now ace the bar exam. Watch the segment

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The previous version couldn't do this. The biggest difference now though is that it can also analyze images. For example, show it a picture of your fridge and ask it to make some meals out of the items inside, just from the picture! This isn't hypothetical, this is already being used. Watch the segment

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Visually impaired people are using it to help navigate. Duolingo is using it to help people learn languages. These tools are going to be more and more part of our lives - in amazing ways and also in ways that we still have to figure out. There are big limitations here still. Watch the segment

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